Les Démaquillantes Gel Demaquillant D’Tox


Cleansing gel with cinnamon extract – new formula.
Ideal for: Normal to combination skin.
Texture: Gel
Size: 200ml

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On contact with water, Gel Démaquillant D’Tox transforms into a rich cleansing foam to clean intensely combination to oily skin, prone to blemishes and shine .
Easy to rinse, it removes sebum excess, impurities and pollutants.
RESULTS`in perfectly cleaned and cleansed skin, visibly matte, skin regains its purity.

Gel Démaquillant D’Tox can be used morning and evening. Gently massage and lather on wet face, avoiding the eye area. Rinse Gel Démaquillant D’Tox thoroughly with cool water in the morning to wake up your skin; with warm water at night to relax and better remove makeup. For a foaming effect, use a mechanical or manual brush with soft bristles.