Pâte Grise Gelee Nettoyante


Perfecting foaming gel.
Ideal for: Combination to oily skin
Size: 200ml Tube

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PAYOT will brighten up your day and your beauty routine with its Pâte Grise Gelée Nettoyante containing creamy activated charcoal microbeads. This delicately-scented gel will leave your skin feeling pure, veiled with softness and cheery hints of crushed leaves and rose. On damp skin, the activated charcoal microbeads form a delicious white lather which melts under your fingertips. Non-comedogenic.

Apply to a damp face, neck and back, gently massaging to form a lather. Avoid the eye area. Rinse carefully with cold water in the morning to revive your skin, and with warm water in the evening to relax your skin and eliminate any remaining traces of make-up.