Roselift Collagène Regard


Lifting eye Care.
Ideal for: All skin types.
Texture: Fresh and velvety cream
Size: 15ml Jar

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Discover the Roselift Collagène and its dual redensifying and lifting action. Its unique formulas combine a collagen-boosting peptide with a patented active ingredient derived from Damask rose.

Roselift Collagène Regard is a light cream enriched with silk tree extract, which gently lifts the eye contour and widens the eyes while reducing puffiness and dark circles.

You’ll love its melt-in, light and illuminating texture with an iridescent effect.

Apply to the eye contour, on the bone that surrounds the eyes, focusing on the upper and lower eyelids. Pat into the skin, avoiding the mobile eyelid. Complete your beauty routine with Rose Lift Collagène day and night creams.